Carlos acosta autobio is out

Carlos acosta autobio is out

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Scribner’s publicity department is not doing its job. This came out in may and not a single blogger seems to have been alerted.


  1. I knew it was out but haven’t been able to find it anywhere…Barnes & Noble needs to get a more expansive performing arts section, haha. Haven’t had a chance to order it online either, but it’s definitely on my summer reading list. DId you read it?

  2. Hi Taylor — no, I’m not buying anything I don’t absolutely need right now. If the company wants to send me a copy to review I’d be happy to do it, but I can’t buy the book. I saw this one at the Barnes & Noble at Union Square. I’m just surprised book companies don’t know to target dance bloggers with dance books, since lit blogging is the longest-existing, most successful kind of culture blogging there is; you’d think book companies would know the blogosphere…

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