Battleworks a Must See!

(photo by Tom Caravaglia)

Again, I plan to have a full review coming soon, but just want to tell everyone to try to make it to Battleworks at the Joyce in Chelsea this week, if you can. They’re on Thursday night and Saturday (Keigwin + Co. is Friday night). I find Robert Battle’s work so engagingly complex. The meaning is complicated, but you get the definite sense there is something there, that you want to spend time thinking about, dissecting. And there’s so much emotion is his dances — dancers spin in a whirlwind toward each other, hurl themselves to the floor repeatedly, pick themselves up again, fall backward in exhaustion, do violent flips, at times seem to walk on a tightrope… emotions range from elation to anger to searching thought, to humor, to sad world weariness, and movements from African, tribal, Hip Hop, to Martha-Graham-esque modern… it’ll leave you stunned long after the show is over. Do try to go!

(photo of Mr. Battle by Tom Caravaglia).

Oh and Samuel Roberts is a MIRACLE! (photo, again, Tom Caravaglia).

Go here for Philip’s review.

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