DWTS: Brooke, Toni, Warren & Cody R My Faves This Wk

Okay, I almost just spit out my wine when Cody looked all innocently at the camera and said of the Rhumba, “This dance is about sensuality, sex, passion, and to be honest,” cute shrug and conscious laugh here, “I don’t have all that much life experience.” He’s too funny! He did really well — the attitude was there, he supported her very well in all of those rather complicated (for a beginner) tricks, and his hips while not completely correct were a good try. Cute cucharachas 😀

Haha –Maks did not look so happy about being in the middle… That was actually rather funny; wonder if he knew the camera was on him…

Other favorites this week: Warren. I’d like to see someone other than a footballer win it again, but I have to say, big guy though he is, he is really good. That Paso was right on. And Toni and Brooke are damn good. Brooke: whoa! Perfect lines, perfect shaping, gorgeous ronde, great arms, steps completely polished. Holy crap! At this point I’m rooting for Brooke because she’s kind of the underdog, is probably the least well known, yet she’s very, very, surprisingly good. I’d like to see the person who no one knows take the trophy, if she continues to deserve it that is…

My little foodie man didn’t do so hot this week 🙁 I did love his comparison of risotto with rhumba (both the basics of their respective disciplines, romantic and seductive, like “cashmere on the lips” — mmmm) and his whipping up that dish for Karina, who finally seemed to appreciate it. I do hope he’s given another chance to improve next week.

Poor Cloris. She behaves this week and the judges are all confused, tell her they miss the wackiness. What’s a girl to do?


  1. You can read my comments at my blog but I really didn’t think Rocco’s rumba was that bad… I thought Kim’s was worse.

    I want to smack Lacey in the head and then the producers for sticking her on that show. She’s a good swing dancer but come on… She’s never done ballroom before SYTYCD… Arg it bugs me. The producers should have brought Ashly Delgrosso back to partner Lance.

  2. Hey Katrina — I tried to read your live blog, but couldn’t figure out how to scroll down after the first several entries (after about 8:16)! I think you’re right about Kim though — especially since she was just kicked off… I didn’t even think of her as I was doing my recap, which is probably why she was booted — people didn’t think to call in for her. Phew, I’m just glad it wasn’t Rocco — though I do think he needs to improve next week.

    That was a fun surprise seeing Pasha and Anya dance to Jessica Simpson! Did they announce them though? (I’d accidentally changed the channel during commercial, meaning only to adjust the volume, and didn’t realize my mistake until she’s already started singing, so I didn’t hear any announcement). The crowd went wild though.

    I also liked how they showed the frantic schedules of Bruno and Len — I had no idea Strictly Come Dancing was on at the same time; I figured they alternated seasons for the judges’ sake. Len’s such a little cutie 🙂

  3. Lacey Schwimmer has never done ballroom before SYTYCD?

    That is simply not true.


    The Internet: a beautiful thing.

  4. Tonya, yah I don’t get while there’s no scroll bar… I think you just have to use your down arrow…

    Michelle, I know she’s done ballroom before however she’s never won much with it. She’s won tons of Swing competitions.

  5. I’m so ticked that Cloris is still there. She needs to leave NOW

  6. Lacey was the American national champion in the youth division! This is not a small accomplishment!

    Yes, she is a swing dancer who took a detour into ballroom – it wasn’t her main thing. However, there are plenty of extremely mediocre ballroom dancers, professionals, who have been the pros on DWTS.

    Emphasis on extremely.

  7. *shrugs* She still needs to realize that that DWTS isn’t all about her. She needs to stick to Traditional and keep the other stuff to the freestyle.

  8. Who was an extremely mediocre ballroom dancer?

    They did announce Pasha and Anya right before Jessica Simpson started singing.

  9. Thanks for letting me know, Shim. I’m glad someone did announce them.

    Katrina, it seems like a lot of them do that — throw some hip hop in, mainly if they think their celebrity partner is going to do well with it. I remember Mark doing that with Sabrina the first season. It seems the musicians are all a little more comfortable with that dance. I know it’s still not traditional ballroom, but it seems to be a bit of a trend.

  10. Does anyone know why Ashly Delgrosso didn’t come back this season? I heard that she was supposed and I got so excited! It was a total bummer when all the couples came out and Ashly wasn’t there! I’m happy hottie Max came back though!

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