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In line outside the met for rush tix to the new opera. Not too horrendously long…

Update: Yes, scored an affordable ticket in orchestra! Line wasn’t too bad — I was there for about 55 minutes altogether, and tonight is opening night. I haven’t been to the opera all that often and have almost never sat in orchestra, and this one is modern and about a pretty topical subject that interests me greatly, so I’m really excited. Muchas gracias to Alex Ross for the heads-up.

(picture taken from Ross’s blog)
Btw, I’ll be watching Dancing With the Stars late, and then I have a short story due mid-week that I’m obsessing over, so don’t know if I’ll have time to post on the show much this week. You guys have to let me know what happens and what you think!


  1. ah, lucky… I can’t believe you only had to wait 55 min. I’m really curious about this. Let me know what you think about this opera, and I’ll try to see if I can catch the live HD broadcast in movie theaters.

  2. Thanks Jolene! I will definitely write about it very soon — I just have to get this project done for tomorrow. In general I really liked it — it was like nothing I’d ever seen before at the opera (the few times I’ve gone) and I’m hoping there are more contemporary works in the making. I want to see more of Adams’s work now. Not everyone liked it though: (via Philip).

  3. You can read my whole live blog on my blog but I seriously think the judges hate rocco and are purposely keeping Clois to get ratings. Yes granted he lacks a ton of musicality but last night his dance didn’t deserve the scores it got. I’m really started to get disgusted with the show right now, even more than usual

  4. I know, Rocco looked decent from the clip I saw tonight. I have to watch the whole show tomorrow. Oh, I’m sad…

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