Finding Your Ideal Postsynaptic Partner To Form the Perfect Synapse

Or something like that! My friend and fellow dance blogger Jolene is this insanely amazing combination Med School / Neuroscience PhD student with prior ballet training who somehow finds time to blog extensively about music, theater, and dance in the Bay area. Anyway, she read about this contest hosted by Science Magazine and then picked up by the New York Times on choreographing your PhD dissertation. Finding it a good way to promote “conversation between science and the arts” she decided to participate. Watch her entry and learn more about her project here. Gorgeously deep ending dip makes me very jealous… 🙂 Very original, Jolene!


  1. Thanks Tonya! It was a blast, and choreographing was so hard, I almost felt like just promising that I’ll never say anything bad about anyone else’s choreography again (ALMOST). The final winner will get their PhD choreographed by real choreographers! That would be really cool but I’m not holding my breath. 😉

  2. Her partner is cute, too…

  3. I can imagine how hard it was Jolene (though it didn’t look it — it flowed effortlessly!) So cool that the winner will be choreographed by seasoned choreographers — I wonder who?

    Her partner IS cute — oh and I love the whole ending pose; not only the deep dip but how he put his head on your chest and kind of cuddled you. So sweet. And the two of you look like one, whose pieces fit together like a puzzle — like one happy synapse finally at peace 🙂

  4. haha too funny, Isaac was great – he worked a lot on the musicality of it, trying to time the entrances b/c I actually couldn’t get it right (even tho I choreographed it! It was supposed to be more free form b/c the music beats sort of fall away at the end). I was just so glad to get a guy to do it. I really wanted to do a dip or something supported for the last pose because of the “finality” of it – I would have been with my postsynaptic partner being female, but we would have had to do a pose that wasn’t what I ultimately wanted in my head, at least! I didn’t think any guy would do it, but he was so great about it.

    There is a team of four choreographers based in Chicago to choreograph the winner of each category (grad student, post doc, professor, and overall “popular choice”) – and there’s even mention of a full theatrical run and a possible world tour!! The goal is to really get artists and scientists to collaborate together, and to educate the public on both art and science in a really fun way.

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