Radio City Christmas Spectacular

My friend and fellow blogger, Taylor Gordon, is dancing in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular this year. She invited me to their dress rehearsal yesterday evening, which was more like opening night — the huge theater was completely packed and the show was totally smooth; no glitches at all.

Somewhat ridiculously, in my 15 years in New York, this is actually the first time I’ve ever been to the Christmas show. I’ve been in Radio City Music Hall to see musical artists (like Whitney Houston, long long ago) and have seen the Rockettes perform very briefly at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting, but this was my first time at the actual show.

I was so blown away. The Rockettes are absolutely amazing in their spectacular formations — with many difficult-looking formation changes — and incredible synchronicity. I see now why they’re so legendary.

The show was mostly song and dance with a small playlet about two young boys meeting Santa and Santa eventually convincing the older, more skeptical one of his magical abilities, which I thought went on a bit too long. But all the musical numbers were a thrill and really kind of made you want to get up and sing and dance yourself. Not to sound corny, but it really does get you into the holiday spirit. I’ve been kind of nervous and depressed lately and this got me out of my blue funk.

And it was such a thrill to see Taylor on that huge stage! She had a part as a dancing bear in this little Nutcracker scene at the beginning, and then as a “tourist” skipping and dancing her way through Central Park and other NYC tourist attractions. She was of course excellent! And she was also in a Santa number (all dancers dressed in heavy Santa costumes) which completely blew me away — I totally thought the Santa dancers were the Rockettes!

I took a few more pics and have a mini photo album here (click on thumbnails for a short caption). Also, Taylor’s been keeping a great journal of her experiences with the show on her blog.

Thank you, Taylor. It was magical 🙂


  1. Thanks so much for coming, Tonya! And for posting pictures…they’re much better than any ones I tried to take during rehearsals, haha. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 It’s such a fun show.

  2. Hi Tonya,
    Taylor has talked about her “blogger” friend from time to time.
    Just wanted to Thank You for the great pictures.
    I never missed any of Taylor’s performances and rehearsals over the years, but, distance has not allowed this now. SO THESE PICS ARE PRICELESS!
    We are coming to see the show twice….. Christmas Week and spend the Holiday with “Our Girl Taylor” Thank you again for the pictures and nice blog.
    Grammy Dawnette (Taylor’s grandma…Dawnette Niro)

  3. Hi Mrs. Niro!
    I’m so glad you liked the pictures!
    You’re going to love the show — it’s really spectacular. And of course Taylor is such a remarkable dancer (I’ve noticed this before, not just at this show; I’ve seen her in smaller things as well). It’s SO exciting seeing her on that huge stage! Congratulations to both you and your granddaughter 🙂

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