Ugh, I am so disgusted with this show right now. I just watched the very end to see who got kicked off b/c I was at Complexions — If you’re in NY, do go, just for Desmond Richardson and Epatha Merkerson in I Will Not Be Broken! (Richardson dancing, Merkerson — from Law & Order — singing the slavery spirituals. Totally Alvin Ailey, totally gorgeous, totally moving, almost cried at the beginning with Desmond brushing off those shackles, mental and physical…)

But back to DWTS: I seriously have NO desire to watch the finals next week. Brooke is good but she bores me out of my mind. I’m completely uninterested in her. The other two — Lance, though I like him personality-wise, his dancing just doesn’t do it for me. I do really like Warren — both personality and dance-wise. But can I watch a three-hour show just for him? And even if he wins — it’ll just be another sports star taking home the trophy…


  1. wow. *aretha.* how out of her mind was that DWTS backup singer (the one with the consistently wacky headpieces) to be singing behind aretha!? lol.

  2. Warren should have gone home tonight. I like Brooke, mostly due to being to watch Derek dance LOL

    It was awesome to see Mark back dancing again. I’m so tempted to tape the finals because I really am so sick of watching the stupid fluff stuff.

  3. Hmmm….well the reports of young Mr. Linley running around sexually propositioning every woman on DWTS makes me not so sad to see him go.

  4. Personally, I don’t find Brooke boring at all (how can anyone that gorgeous be boring?) but even if she were, she is still far and away the best dancer in the competition so I do hope that she wins next week. But Katrina is right – if you’re going to watch the finals, just record the show and watch it later – two thirds of it will be “filler” so you can just check in on the real highlights and final results of the show, skip all the dumb fluff, and not waste a good part of your evening.

  5. Warren wasn’t that good!!! He shouldd NOT have come in 2nd in the finals. Lance and Lacey should have. and the three finalists should have been cody lance and brooke, not warren, lance and brroke!

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