Shen wei opening night

Shen wei opening night

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At judson church. Yulia zagoruychenko is here. Fun!

Update: Wow. Shen Wei is usually either hit or miss with me, and tonight was definitely a big hit. It was kind of an antidote to the Sokolow I saw last night, at least at the beginning, in that the dancers had no problem at all with connection. They started out dancing mostly in pairs or groups, limbs entwined, in various embracing poses. Then, a dancer wearing a mitt soaked in black paint took the floor — which was a canvass in the middle of the church, and rolled around, spreading paint everywhere. Soon, other dancers followed her, making a quite interesting overall design. But at this point the music (played by three violinists, a cellist and a pianist, one stationed at each corner of the floor) changed, grew more threatening, and the dancers began dancing alone, their bodies awkward and contorted. A female dancer came out naked but drenched in black ink, including her face, and crawled, rolled, flailed about, on the floor. Not to be too literal, but it kind of reminded me of a giant oil spill and the calamity that such a thing wreaks on all of life. Later, dancers began spreading the black ink with their socked feet, and she (that woman covered in paint), followed by all the dancers, began jumping and running about chaotically. And, in the end, dancers spread various-colored ink around the floor, resulting in a kind of Pollock-esque floor painting.

Here, they are, preparing to cut up the canvass into various pieces to give and/or sell as paintings. Paintings made by dancing bodies. Very cool.

The piece was called Connect Transfer II and is showing at the Judson Church through December 7th.

Big thank you to Philip (whose review is here) for inviting me!

By the way, the Empire State Building is indeed gold!

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