BLACKPOOL DISPATCH #1: Congress Lectures Day 1

Eleanor writes:

“Just a little something about today for you. Best lectures [see post below for definition] were given by Max [Kozhevnikov] and Beata, and Sergey and Melia. Max spoke about how he gets his ideas for showdances and they performed their Charlie Chaplin number.

Sergey and Melia spoke about Rumba and did some gorgeous demos to different pieces of music showing the different interpretations. Then there was the Chrisanne one, which I featured in … am just thankful that 99.9% of the dance world don’t know who I am because I have a feeling the DVD is going to be embarrassing.

Also the World Exhibition champions, Greg and Natalie, gave a fab final lecture.

Just waiting for the team match to start now, Germany instead of Japan. US will win by miles in my opinion!

Eleanor x”

Thanks Eleanor!

So, I haven’t seen Max Kozhevnikov and Beata’s Charlie Chaplin dance, but looked it up on YouTube here. Look at that fancy footwork for Max! I seriously love Max in this! I didn’t know they were dancing together (and I think it’s only for showdances not for competition) but I like them together!

So sorry I missed Sergey and Melia’s lecture. I love Rumba, and I love theirs and would have savored seeing their different interpretations. I think I will try to buy the DVD this year if it’s not too expensive — also to see the Chrisanne show (which I’m sure won’t be embarrassing to anyone 🙂 )!

And so tonight is the team comp (see prior post for more info on that too). I guess the four teams are the UK, the US, Germany and Italy. The way the team match works is that each country’s two best couples in each dance style – -Standard and Latin (so four couples total) take turns dancing two rounds of each individual dance (Rumba, Cha Cha, etc., and same for Standard). The scores are then added together and the country with the highest scores win that dance. Then, the scores for all nine dances are added together and the country with the highest score overall wins. I agree that the US will probably win, since we have two of the top couples in the world in each dance style — Riccardo & Yulia in Latin and Katusha & Arunas in Standard, whereas none of the other countries have top dancers in both (just one or the other). Last year was the first year the US ever won, by the way. We’ll see.


  1. Hi Tonya,

    Where do you usually buy the competition DVDs from? Max and Beata dance really well together, I think they match in stature a little better than Max and Yulia did. I saw their showcase at last year's Emerald Ball, it was splendid! Too bad they aren't competing, I think it would be very interesting to see their results.


  2. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Hi Shim! Maybe they're competing – -or will compete — in showdance categories? That's so cool you saw them at Emerald Ball; I'm going to have to go to that at some point! Well, I've usually bought the DVDs at Blackpool itself, but I guess I can't do that this year. I've also bought them at WorldTone, the big ballroom shoe store here. They also have CDs and DVDs. I know my teachers often buy from that online store DanceVision. I haven't tried them but might this time. What about you?

  3. Did I really write Greg!?! – I mean Craig and Natalie, sorry!

  4. Did I really write Greg!?! – I mean Craig and Natalie, sorry!

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