I came home from my first night at the Fall For Dance Festival and turned on Jimmy Kimmel before I had a chance to watch my tape of Dancing With the Stars. I honestly thought he was kidding when he announced who was kicked off.

Even though I liked him, I can see Ashley, but Macy? I thought she had a good attitude toward the competition but maybe people interpreted it more as haughtiness? She definitely wasn’t the worst woman Tuesday night, and that’s not what the show’s about anyway. Why vote for the best person on the first night; why not vote for someone you can watch improve? Sucks that she never got to do Latin because I think she would have been a lot better at that than Standard.

I don’t get it at all.

She didn’t end up going on Jimmy Kimmel because, as Jonathan Roberts said, she was too upset, thinking she let her fans down.

Anyway, at least my whole evening didn’t suck:

(photo from here)

Fall For Dance last night consisted of four companies, four dances (more about them all later), but my highlight was definitely Savion Glover. I know he’s been on one of the TV shows before — either Dancing With the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance — can’t remember which one. But this was my first time seeing him live and ooooh! You have to see him dance live; there’s nothing like it. This is one of the best dance performances — one of the best performances period — I’ve ever seen. And he’s such a cutie in person and he dances with so much genuine happiness, so much joy. And he’s small — smaller than I thought! Ah, I came out of City Center feeling like I often feel after seeing Alvin Ailey — I just wanted to dance all the way home.


  1. Aw that sucks! I really liked Macy and I wanted to see what more she could do 🙁 Maybe I should start voting.

  2. What really sucks about Macy being voted off so soon is that Jonathon goes too! Good grief what does this guy have to do to get a good partner. It seems like Derek and Mark almost always get the front runners.
    Jonathon is a class act and a wonderful teacher. He better be in a lot of the pro dances this season. When he and Anna dance together it always brightens up my TV screen. They were the best part of the Patrick Swayze tribute last night. I love when married couples dance together and can smolder with that intensity. Awesome stuff.
    Edyta seems to always get the short end of the good partner stick as well.

  3. Hey, Tonya!

    I was there last night, as well.

    I really wish you could have seen Savion back in the '90s because he really was much more cohesive than he is now. I actually thought Alastair's review was pretty dead-on (for me, at least) when he talked about how there's absolutely no way to watch Savion and NOT be astounded by his footwork; but his performance quality has grown a bit internalized over the past decade and often keeps me at arm's length emotionally. I thought the trio work last night was nothing short of thrilling (but oddly enough some of those bits were from Bring in Da Noise…which is from his best period, in my opinion), but I found that I disengaged whenever he went into solo work.

    It's clear that he is an extraordinary musician, and I loved watching how he was conducting the band around him, but sometimes I found that there was so much happening in his feet and not quite as much happening above his ankles. I don't think he used to be quite as self-indulgent as he has become in the past decade, and when he gets into the group work he is forced to step outside himself again. (Then again, he kind of has the right to be self-indulgent…there really aren't any feet like his.) Although he was notorious for missing performances/being a diva at times, his work in the '90s (both for Noise/Funk and his show Savion Glover Downtown) worked better for me on a whole.

    The true star of the night for me was Bobbi Smith. Then again, I went to school with her, so I'm a bit biased. 🙂

  4. Hate to burst your bubble but I think Jonathan was just being gracious.”I thought she had a good attitude toward the competition” no she didn't. There were a ton of rumors that she didn't show up to practices and that she walked out on practices too. If you watch the footage from Monday night's women's relay dance that she danced on, there were only two clips of her. The other three women had much more clips. She didn't want to be there and you could tell from her body language on both nights that she wasn't happy.

    I am frankly happy she is gone. She should have gone home for what she said. This is a family show. What she said, even if the West Coast didn't hear it, was extremely inappropriate.

    I feel so bad for Jonathan. This is the third season straight that Jonathan has gone home in the first week. I hope that if he comes back next season (and I wouldn't blame him for the world if he didn't), he should be given a shot. Besides Marie (and even she shouldn't have made it that far), he's never finished higher than 5th.

  5. By the way, Glover was on DWTS during the results show a couple of seasons ago…

  6. By the way, Glover was on DWTS during the results show a couple of seasons ago…

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