You guys! My novel is a quarterfinalist in this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in the adult fiction category! That means you can download an excerpt here for free (you don’t need a Kindle, you can download right onto your computer), read it and (I think) rate it and comment on it. Please please please please do! I am told there will be a Publishers Weekly review up there soon. Yikes!

Also I would ever ever ever so greatly appreciate if anyone who’s already bought the book and read it (you wonderful wonderful people!) and emailed / Facebook messaged / Twitter DM’d me with their comments, if you would please write a little review with those comments on the book’s main Amazon page, here. If you can’t remember what you said, please email me and I’ll send you your email — I have them all saved, believe me 😀

This is so cool — am very excited; the pool of applicants was originally 10,000 (evenly divided between adult and young adult), then narrowed down to 2,000 and now narrowed to 500. So I’m up against 250 others in the adult fiction category. This is a huge award and of course I’d be silly to get my hopes up too high – being a quarterfinalist makes me extremely happy!

But it’s fun ‘cuz now everyone can participate in my book in a way, and in the general contest. Again, go here to see my book’s excerpt, and go here to see the others in my category, and here for all categories (look on left-hand side of screen). And of course my book in full is still available for purchase – for $3.99 on Kindle and $14.99 (or cheaper if used)  in paperback.

Thank you so much you guys!


  1. Tonya–You have done it! I'm so incredibly proud of you! Look at all that you have built and done from hard work and talent. I'm so very, very proud.

  2. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Thank you so much, Marie! That means so much to me coming from you.

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