You guys, last week I received this really sweet email from a woman who read my novel. I figured ballet lovers, particularly fans of New York City Ballet, would appreciate it:

“Hello.  I hope you don’t mind me writing.   But  as your email address is listed, I shall write you.

“I first came across you by cruising the Internet and bought your book, Swallow, because my dad’s family, Borree, lived in Florence AZ.  There is even a Borree’s Corners in AZ where the family owned a gas station and a grocery store.

“My thoughts about  your book.  I love NYC, and I have suffered from chronic anxiety all my life til treatment with medication.  So your  book was really greatly appreciated.  I do wonder how you settled on using Florence.

“You may recognize the last name as my mother loved ballet and gave my sister, Susan Borree, ballet classes.  Susan was with many different companies and her daughter is Yvonne.

“Out here on the other coast, I have a scholarship to benefit art students.  The scholarship is in honor of my mother and my sister who gave their children art and ballet lessons while their families faced great difficulties.

Jeanine Borree”

How coincidental — I love Yvonne Borree! And how much do I love that her aunt wrote me 🙂 And so excited to learn that part of her family hails from Arizona — and the same small town I wrote about no less — and that there is a Borree’s Corners, Arizona, which of course I will have to look for the next time I am out there. And I love that they owned a gas station and grocery store. I also love that someone who’s suffered from an anxiety disorder appreciated my book, which centers on a specific anxiety disorder called Globus Hystericus, or Globus Sensation. I’ve heard from some people who have either Globus or problems swallowing that emanate from another condition that they’ve had a hard time reading Swallow, because it’s too close to home.  So, I’m very glad to hear someone with another kind of anxiety was able to read and appreciate it.

When I asked Ms. Borree if I could mention the email on my blog and she wrote back, she added that her sister, Susan Borree (Yvonne’s mother) had danced with ABT and Jerome Robbins Ballet. I came to ballet too late, though, to see her dance with either company.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with my readers since I know so many of you are NYCB fans:)  Sweet story, and small world, right!


  1. What a small world.

  2. That is just too cool.

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