So, this is the last week of ABT’s Met season, and they are closing out with my favorite, Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet. My recommended casts are both performances on Saturday – Natalia Osipova is debuting as Juliet in the matinee, dancing opposite David Hallberg, and that evening is the lovely Diana Vishneva (who has really been blowing me away this season), with Marcelo Gomes as her Romeo. (Angel Corella was originally scheduled to be Vishneva’s Romeo but he is injured). Also, the Wednesday afternoon cast is good — Hee Seo, who is one of my current favorite Juliets, dances with Corey Stearns. Tonight is your only chance to see Herman Cornejo as Mercutio — he’s my favorite for that part. The leads are Marcelo and Juliet Kent. Go here for the full schedule.

Here is a recently-added YouTube of various clips of La Scala’s production of the same ballet, starring Corella and Alessandra Ferri (my favorite ballerina ever in that role).

Photo at top of David Hallberg as Romeo and Herman Cornejo as Mercutio, by Fabrizio Ferri.


  1. The video clip is definitely not from last week’s La Scala production of Romeo and Juliet- i went to watch it last week!
    Thanks to u, i first started to read this blog for updates of the latin world and now im starting to watch ballet!

    • Oh, thank you so much – I’m so glad I’ve been an influence! That’s so nice to hear!

      Oh and I didn’t mean that video was from last week’s La Scala. I meant it was recently posted on YouTube. I don’t know when the video was actually shot though. So cool you saw it last week!

      Thank you so much again for your wonderful compliment 🙂

  2. So excited to read in the NY Times over the weekend that Ferri has been coaching Osipova as Juliet. Really looking forward to our 2nd (and last) Super Saturday of the ABT season!

  3. I was there for the Thursday performance of “Romeo & Juliet” with Marcelo. Last year I had seen Bolle..well this was a totally new ballet for ME!…and I am going to confess: I actually cried in that first act when they fall in love…love interrupted in dance was overwhelming to me..Marcelo threw (I am sorry , she was Argentinean) that ballerina around like she was a rag doll..and movements so quick..I’ve never seen that on that stage…it was sheer beauty..and my last ballet for the season..Marcelo did not do what Bolle did last year..I remember Bolle doing cameo parts in that ballet…Marcelo was on that stage DANCING!..I adore him now after this season..Thanks Marcelo for making ballet, again , something that I could love , after I got the “bad taste” of Bolle out of my mouth!

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