Pretty Kitty I Fell For Yesterday

I totally fell in love with this kitten yesterday who I saw up for adoption on my street corner. I’d thought since she’s longhaired, her fur would activate my allergies like crazy, but then I came home and read that that’s not necessarily true and that in fact Siberian cats (which I think she was, at least in part) are hypoallergenic. So that wouldn’t have been a problem. But since my other cat died, and I’m currently cat-less, they wouldn’t let me take only one; I had to adopt two. And now is such a not-so-good-time for me since I will likely be moving, perhaps far away. I should probably wait till I’m settled. Plus, I’m still not completely over the pain of losing my other cat. Which is ridiculous, since she died several years ago now…

Oh, but I’m still really kicking myself. She was so pretty. I’m sure she’ll easily get adopted by someone else. Look at that face!


  1. Tonya, I have a Siberian! They’re wonderful, and while most breeders won’t actually claim that they’re hypoallergenic they are much less allergy inducing than most cats. I just love my Misha!

    BTW, I like the new look to the blog. But what’s this about you moving far away????

  2. Seriously? You’re still mourning the loss of your old cat? I’ve never quite been a pet mommy, so that one just doesn’t make so much sense to me. But, to each her own, right?

  3. Susan, I didn’t know your cat was a Siberian. I love the name 🙂 Yeah, that was interesting to me about the allergy issue because I just figured longhaired cats would be more allergy-inducing. But I guess that’s not logical. Anyway, yeah, I’m getting tired of NY and really need a break. I was thinking seriously of moving to California, possibly Miami. But I’m not admitted to the bars of either state and neither has reciprocity with NY, so that means if I want to continue practicing law I’d have to sit for another bar exam. Trying to figure out if I want to do that, if I want to make a go of it in some kind of writing career, or if I just want to stay here where I can continue to use my law degree as a backup without having to take another blasted exam. But I do need to move somewhere else if I stay in NY because this apartment is way too expensive for all the noise and things that don’t work properly. I mean, I can live in the ghetto for a lot cheaper and still have access to all the lovely noise I get here 🙂

    Lizzie, yeah, I really loved her. And I still miss her.

  4. Oh, my god, almost a kitty!! that’s very exciting, Tonya. I have to say, I missed my kitty less once I had another (and another), because it helped me to think of Alfredo. I think I might have said this to you in person, so forgive me, but it made him seem less far away.

    Also, re Andrea Miller’s piece, love the Weimar comparisons–think you’re onto something. It was my favorite, too. I keep thinking about it.

    re: moving to California. hmmmmm, maybe LA is different. I know the recession is terrible in the Bay Area, where my sister is (not working for months).

    Nice color scheme and design on website.

    ~) apollinaire

  5. Thank you Apollinaire! And good to hear from you again! Yeah, I do remember you telling me that about getting your two new ones. I do need to get one soon. Still trying to work out the details on where I’m going next… I know, I can imagine the recession has hit hard everywhere. Hopefully it’s nearing its end and there will be more opportunities everywhere. I’d love to live in the Bay Area – I think it would be an easier transition from NY, but I know how expensive it already is, and if the economy’s depressed there… I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted!

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