So You Think You Can Dance: Is the Show’s New Format to Blame for the Loss of Viewers?

Someone at The Daily Beast sent me this post and I thought I’d pass it on to you guys. The author, Andy Dehnart, provides statistics saying the show has lost a good deal of viewers this season and argues that it’s the new (and constantly changing) format that’s to blame. What do you guys think? I personally think it’s just that the dancers aren’t as spectacular as in seasons past, particularly in ballroom and hip hop. There were too many contemporary dancers this season, and once Alex was out and then Billy knocked off, I thought it got boring. I mean, I’ll definitely watch tonight and tomorrow night since they’re the season finale, but I don’t think I’m going to invest my time in future seasons if I feel this bored by them early on again. Anyway, what did you guys think of this season?


  1. I’m ain’t gonna lie, I’ve been bored with the show since Season 4. This season I liked when the all-stars returned (especially Anya and Pasha: Love those Russian ballroom boys!), but I found myself doing other things, such as laundry and even turning on the vacuum while the show was on. That would never have happened during Season 3. Ever.

    I especially loathe, detest and abhor when I’m told by Nigel or Cat that an emotional piece is coming and to “bring the tissues”. Dammit, let me make up my own mind what is going to affect me, don’t freaking tell me! Most of the time I find something else that gives me a visceral reaction, such as a look shared between the dancers during the routine, or the way shoulders slump or just when they’re standing still. For the most part, the so-call emotional numbers leave me cold. And tearless.

    Whenever I hear one of the judges say that a male dancer is the best dancer they’ve ever seen, I see red. Danny Tidwell was pretty damn good in Season 3. Seeing him dance in that show just made me happy and in awe of his talent. I am sick of how Danny is rarely mentioned in the show and to be honest, that’s the reason I’ve chosen to not attend the tours after Season 3. Give Danny Tidwell credit for his participation and contributions to the success of Season 3. More than just once.

    I’m thinking of just skipping Season 8. It just ain’t worth my time anymore.


  2. Thank you for your thoughts Jeanette! I totally agree with you – I found myself doing other things while watching the dancers too. I had to force myself to concentrate at several points, especially when Alex or Billy wasn’t dancing. I enjoyed season three best of all too, and I’d really had hopes for this season with Alex at the beginning, until he got hurt. I don’t know why the judges never mention Danny. He was the best ever on the show in my mind. I hate it too when the judges alert you that something emotional is coming, and then they all cry over it afterward, and make you feel really cold-hearted if you’re not moved. And I’m almost never moved when everyone in the judges’ area and onstage is crying. It feels ridiculous. I feel like when someone sets out to emotionally move me, it almost has the opposite effect. I hate it when authors do that as well…

    Anyway, I’m glad someone feels like I do about this show. I don’t really think it’s the format so much as it is the way the judges treat the audience and the dancers. And they need to try to get better dancers. The dancers from season three were seriously some of the best in the world in their respective styles. That’s why everyone loved season three so much 🙂

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