Benjamin Millepied Interview in “The Daily Beast”

“’I will never be a star,’” said Millepied, who claims to spend his down time reading and “’working a lot by myself at home. When I see the attention movie stars get, it doesn’t make me want to be in that position at all.’”

Good, albeit short-ish interview with Millepied in the Daily Beast. It’s a Bauhaus tattoo on his midriff 🙂 In addition to last night’s premiere at NYCB, he apparently has another ballet premiering in the Netherlands next week – wow. And he may work with Kanye West.

See the rest of the interview here. They’ve also got a gallery of male ballet dancers, or “men in tights” rather!

I did see Millepied’s Plainspoken last night. Liked but didn’t love it. Will write about it as soon as I get a chance – this weekend probably. Today I’m going to see an alternative production of Petrouchka, and tonight a friend’s new modern dance piece. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Thats the interesting thing about his work is that its not that good but he keeps getting it. Most dance makers are more skilled and talented than him but he has a big name. Yet another loss for all the real talented people in the world.

  2. Umm, isn’t Millipied dating a major film star? Isn’t that kind of talking out both sides of his mouth?

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