Lincoln Center Street Art and Books

Yesterday I was walking along 65th Street and, maybe I just haven’t walked down 65th Street in a while, but I just noticed on the side of the street across from Juilliard, they now have these little two-sided block panels. On one side, they have an advertisement for something going on at Lincoln Center – an opera, a symphony, a ballet, but on the other, they have brief moving pictures. One set is of dancers warming up, another of musicians. One is of waiters who decide to break-dance out on the sidewalk. There’s no sound, but they’re fun just to watch. And the street is lined with benches so you can sit and stay for a while.

It felt a bit like Paris to me 🙂

I also noticed a poster (below) on the Broadway side of Lincoln Center, advertising Lincoln Center Books. Sorry my photo isn’t so good – the sun was in my eyes!

Apparently Lincoln Center and publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. have entered into a joint venture to publish books of importance to Lincoln Center and its patrons. The books will bear both brand names.

This book – The Man with the Golden Flute – is the autobiography of Sir James Galway, an eminent flutist from Belfast.

They have several on their list. You can search the list on their website.

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  1. That seems like a really small niche market, in comparison. Books that are only interested in people or events connected to Lincoln Center?

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