SWALLOW is in Kindle Nation’s Indie Authors Hall of Fame

Was very pleased to see this! Especially when I’m having a kind of crappy day…

And I’m right next to J.A. Konrath 😀

I’ve been meaning to read some of these books and just haven’t had the time, especially now that I’m heavy in research / writing mode for my next book (as well as trying to keep up this blog). Anyway, in particular I’ve been wanting to read Karen Fenech’s Gone, Scott Nicholson’s Disintegration, and I have Konrath’s Shaken and Victorine Lieske’s Not What She Seems on my iPhone already. Also, Imogen Rose’s Portal looks good, as does L.J. Sellers’s The Sex Club, and Monique Martin’s Out of Time. I’d heard an online interview with Robert Kroese that made me want to read Mercury Falls. And, hadn’t heard of it, but Kitty Thomas’s Comfort Food looks intriguing too!

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