The Last Days of the Lincoln Square Barnes & Noble

It’s so sadly empty in there. I guess this is what a large bookstore looks like when it doesn’t order any new books for several months.

Anyway, there are lots and lots of books – and other items – on clearance. This is the last weekend of the B&N Lincoln Square’s existence, so, happy raiding.


  1. A year and a half after they put my first book in the window, they are out of business. I am clinging to the belief that the two are unrelated…

    Seriously, though, this is very sad. That place was like a glowing castle of books, and it was great to have it so close to Lincoln Center. Oh well, off to scope out the close-out. (The sale should go very well with this B&N gift card!)

    • I remember when Gentlemen was in the front window – that was awesome!

      I know, it is really sad. “Glowing castle of books” – so true, and that’s really a beautiful image! I can’t believe I almost got a little teary-eyed in there last night… Oh well, Brooklyn still has a lot of really nice small, independent bookstores. I’ll just have to go out there more often…

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