Hide and Seek with Rhea

Sorry, love my new kitty and can’t resist! It’s hard to believe she was so shy in the ASPCA and when she first came to live with me because she’s now into absolutely everything. Which kind of worries me because this apartment is perhaps a bit dangerous for an inquisitive cat. She loves to run up the ladder / stairs to my bedroom loft and then run all around its pretty small perimeter, peeking out from time to time between the little pillars.

It’s a long way down though and I’m a little scared she’ll fall.

And she loves to play with this small leather mask I bought one year at a festival in Toronto. She loves to try to bat the thing down.

And the other thing she loves to do is jump back and forth between the corner of the loft and the top mantel of the fireplace. I had to clear everything off of the mantel so she’d have a place to step. Worries me! I’ve tried to put soft mats and things all around under the mantel and around the edges of the loft. I guess you just can’t worry about all that cats will get into…

Finally tired, and taking a little rest.

And now, in the laundry basket. Everything, she gets into everything!

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