Ground Zero, May 2, 2011

I couldn’t resist spending an hour down at Ground Zero today. It was crowded, mainly with people taking pictures, many of whom appeared to be tourists, and reporters¬† – loads and loads and loads of them. Above photo is taken at the entrance to the cemetery in the back of St. Paul’s Chapel, where a man was singing John Lennon’s Imagine, and another man was holding an American flag above him.

Inside the chapel grounds.

Across the street, outside the construction zone where the memorial’s being built.

You can’t see but the man in blue was holding a photo album of his pictures of the World Trade Center taken both years before 9/11 and that day. He saw some young people wearing anti-bin Laden shirts and seemed intent on showing them just what was lost.

Someone photoshopped this picture of the Statue of Liberty holding bin Laden’s head instead of her torch and pasted it onto this street sign.

A big line of press tents and camera vans from all major TV networks.

Construction underway, with new glass on one of the buildings. The memorial is set to open this year on 9/11.

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