FEVER Series Launch Date!

Hey everyone,

So excited to announce that I am finally getting ready to launch my FEVER series, the first in my INFECTIOUS RHYTHM series of romance novels set in the world of ballroom dancing. FEVER is a trilogy, and I’m launching all three books at once, in early June. Read more about each book here.

Infectious Rhythm is the name of the Hollywood dance studio where FEVER’s hero, Sasha, and heroine, Rory, meet.

Look for other books / series to follow, featuring other couples who meet at that studio.

I’m super excited about this project. As everyone who’s read my blog well knows, I’m a huge dance lover. I’m also an avid reader of romance novels and fun, contemporary fiction featuring smart, complex women and mysterious, intriguing men. And, there just doesn’t seem to me to be a better blend than dance and romance 🙂

In upcoming days and weeks, I’ll be posting cover reveals, as well as some of my favorite dancer video clips, photos, and interviews.

I had such a blast writing this series. I hope you all have as much fun reading as I did writing!

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