Malan Breton Fashion Show in SoHo


Friday night Ariel invited me to my first (I think, that I can remember anyway) fashion show. It’s currently Fashion Week in New York, and though the event is mainly held in various tents at Bryant Park, they have some other shows in other places. Malan Breton, who was on Project Runway last season (says Ariel; I confess, I don’t much watch the program!) had a show in the Eli Klein Gallery in SoHo. (photo above, Breton posing for photos with his models, below, being applauded at the end of the evening)



Instead of a runway though, models just stood atop small pedestals lined up along the walls, in front of artwork in the back of the gallery. They stood there for a good two hours, while the party lasted. I have to say, I wasn’t a huge fan of his clothes (from what I saw at the gallery), but Ariel, and our friend Angie, were.  Ariel fell for a sweet creme satin-faced swing dress and a long, tulle and lace ball skirt.


(Ariel in front of some of the models, one wearing a dress she liked)

Breton was really nice and unassuming, and posed for several pictures with Ariel and other fans at the end of the evening. It was interesting, though now I’d love to see a real runway show. Interesting art too, though we didn’t get to see much of it since it was so crowded. I took this one downstairs, where we went for a while to escape the crowd.



(how cute is Ariel!)


  1. Eek–me!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the installation! Hopefully one day you'll get to go to a runway/fashion show though an installation gives you much more face time with the garments! Which few people can say they get!


  2. You look so cute! Thanks again for inviting me; I had such a great time!

  3. I hope he's different in person but be glad Tonya you didn't see that season… *shudders* he was so annoying

  4. It is fun to meet so many interesting people at a time. This kind of installation do help one to move to the real things on runway show. Congrats on your progression : )

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