(above photo of Proximal, photographer unknown, borrowed from here)

If you’re in New York and are looking for something inexpensive and worthwhile to do this weekend, I recommend GroundWorks Dance Theater, at the small, intimate West End Theater (a church) on the Upper West Side. This is a small company from Cleveland and it’s their New York debut. There are four good pieces, my favorite of which — Proximal, by K.T. Niehoff —  is shown above.

Proximal was really novel. It’s a duet for a man and woman and it’s fully choreographed of course, but the dancers (the excellent Amy Miller and Damien Highfield) seem to be making up the movement as they go along, hilariously getting themselves into these twisted, highly improbable positions with each other, which become more twisted and improbable as each suggests to the other what to do next. They even involve the audience a bit. It’s very clever and I will definitely seek out more from this choreographer.

The show is on through March 8th, every evening at 8:30 (except for the 8th, when it shows at 5:00). Go here for more details.

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