Before Corella Ballet moved into City Center, Paul Taylor Dance Company had their month-long season there, in celebration this year of Paul Taylor’s 80th birthday. I didn’t go to as many performances as last year, but went to see the two new dances premiering this season: Also Playing (pictured above) – a sweetly funny tribute to Vaudeville, and Brief Encounters, by turns sensual, mysterious, unsettling, and funny, and danced all in black underwear with golden lighting by James Ingalls. I also saw Piazzolla Caldera, not a new piece but from 1997, but new to me. I loved it — very sexy Argentine tango but in places also humorous. This is typical Paul Taylor: humor mixed with sensual / sexy / musicality, athleticism, etc. I don’t have time to write a full review but here are some photos, all by Tom Caravaglia.

These next two are from Also Playing:

These are from Brief Encounters:

(above photo by Gloria Wright, taken from here)

And this one, again by Tom Caravaglia, of Piazzolla Caldera:


  1. Is that a female matador? Awesome!

  2. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Yes, it is! Paul Taylor is very cool!

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